Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lake Day(s)

Whoa! That was a huge mistake...a post with only pictures?

Here is my brief recap of our outings:

We decided to go to the Lake since my Dad would be camping for one day (Friday). He had his spot and we swung by to pick up him and his baby Lucy (Jack Russell). We spent the whole day with family and friend on the lake.

Here I am with Baby J- He HAD to be in the driver's seat (almost) at all times

Mr and Mr.s M

The J Family

Dad and Lucy

These are in the wrong order, I know but each time I try to upload my pictures it always puts the last ones first. Help anyone? I use the "Add Image" tool and can't seem to figure it out. I guess from now on I'll just add in the last pictures first.

Getting ready to go to the lake

No room for our baby Claudius :(

Baby J's first life jacket and first time on a boat

Dad and Baby J- He loved the water
We went to the lake the following Monday too (9/29). I do have more pictures of that day however, I think I'll add them in a seperate post since I'm having trouble with the "add image" tool.


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