Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sitting High, Hanging Low or All Round?

I'm talking about my baby bump.

Does it really hold true that the gender of your baby can be told by how you're carrying your baby?

I've always had a feeling that our baby will be a girl. I don't have any preference at all though, it is just a feeling I have. I, like many moms out there just want a healthy baby. Today as I was taking one of my 837 passes at the mirror to look at my stomach, I noticed that today I'm hanging low. I then told Mr.M that I think we're having a boy now because of how I was carrying the baby. He says all that stuff is crap and that it is an old wives tale. I guess we'll see. I will be scheduling our "anatomy scan" between now and February 23 in which time we will also find out the gender of our little one (if he/she is cooperating).

In addition to the anatomy scan to check that all the baby is developing correctly, I recently took an alpha-fetoprotein (blood) test to check for spinal cord defects and the possibility of Down syndrome. The results have probably gotten to our Doctor by now but we'll get the results at our next checkup. I pray everything is alright and my baby will be healthy. It's all a waiting game now. Wish us health :)

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